Tick Infestation

An infestation of ticks is when the parasites invade, overrun and inhabit an area where they’re not wanted. This could occur in the home, in the yard, on your pets, at work, in your transport - multiple areas. If you believe you have one, you should look to have it eradicated immediately. An infestation could be caused by many different factors and you will need to determine how it happened. You could begin by thoroughly checking every area nearby to see if you can establish how it started. You can then look at methods and techniques of clearing the parasites and controlling the area with preventative means for the future.

There are many ways you could approach and exterminate a tick infestation, depending on the severity of the task at hand. If it has been caused by your house pet bringing the ticks into the home then you will not only want to treat your pet and remove all the parasites from their body and bedding but you will also want to clean, vacuum and treat the home as well. Ticks need to feed on a host to reproduce, and if your pet has played host to several female adult ticks, they could have dropped off and crawled into cracks, holes and furniture to lay eggs. Female ticks can lay thousands of eggs, so target all areas that could be infested. If you do not have pets then the parasites may have entered the home through cracks around windows or on floors by crawling in, or they may have been transported in on other unwanted guests such as rodents, birds or squirrels. So, in addition to choosing one of the following remedies, you will want to block any entrances that these pests have entered through. Ticks could also have been brought into the house on clothes or luggage, so it’s not always animals that may have caused the problem.

infestation of ticks

To solve a tick infestation in home, you could use foggers, bombs, sprays or powders. There are several to choose from on the internet if you wish to purchase them yourself, or alternatively you could call in pest control to assist. The different methods of killing ticks come with a range of chemicals and insecticides, so you will want to fully read the instructions and ingredients on anything you plan to use. Some chemicals and toxins are so strong that they can be detrimental to the health of pets and humans, so you may need to evacuate the home for the day whilst the treatments work. If your pet has been infested, then you should look to take the pet away from the property and treat them separately from the home. Check the entire body of your pet for ticks, remove them in a safe way and thoroughly clean the pet. Afterwards apply a repellent or visit your veterinarian for suggestions and advice. Once the house has been treated, it will be safe for the pet and your family to return. You may need to repeat treatments several times to eradicate all ticks, so the sooner you act the better.

Infestation of Ticks

A tick infestation in yard should be approached in the same way. There are insecticide sprays and powders that can be spread. Thoroughly clean the yard, clearing all leaves, cutting the lawns short and targeting the dark, warm and moist areas such as under shrubs, trees and plants. Put fencing up around the garden to stop any animals brining ticks on to the property, plant natural tick repelling plants on the parameters and clear any overgrown areas where the ticks may be hiding. Lawns can be treated, and diatomaceous earth or borax scattered. Remember to always be aware of any risks with powders and chemicals. It may not be safe to allow your pet out straight away after and you should always wear protective garments and cover your face when applying such remedies.

Tick Infestation in Home

Tick infestations will need to be targeted in two ways - killing the adult ticks and their eggs, larvae and nymphs. An adulticide and insect growth regulator should do this. If you think that ticks are hiding in hard to reach areas such as cracks in the wall, in the floorboards or under skirting, then target these areas with powder and sprays. Ask friends and family for recommendations on products and search forums to see what other people in similar situations used. The top brands often come with some type of guarantee and direction on how long it should take for their product to work, so you may need to plan a schedule and regularly use treatments throughout the year. Don’t put it off though, tackle the infestation right away!

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