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What is a Flea Collar? - A pet flea collar kills fleas (and ticks) through the use of a chemical or insecticide. They are easy to fit, but depending on what chemical formula is used in the insecticide, they aren’t always suitable for all types of pet. Ensure you understand any potential danger before using this type of product on cats, dogs or on kittens or puppies.

Pet Flea Collar - When your pet gets fleas, they can become irritable and uncomfortable. This is because the parasites bite the skin and feed on their blood. The bites are often itchy, can possibly become further infected and at the very worst could also lead to contracting disease. Your poor pet will be keen to have the fleas exterminated as soon as possible, as we’re sure you will be.

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Collars aren’t renowned for being the most effective method of control, but they do serve a purpose and can help kill fleas as well as keep them from biting your pet. The collar should be used in conjunction with other flea control products (medication, powders, sprays, shampoos, dips) for complete extermination. Your veterinarian will be able to advise what (if any) medication should be used, but this could target the eggs and larvae on your pet, whilst the collar attracts and kills the adult fleas.

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How do Flea Collars work? - They are purposely made to kill fleas, but it is vital that the chemicals within the collar are not in any way dangerous for the pets themselves (as they may try to chew them). Most brands emit a constant but not unsafe amount of insecticide. It is better to find one that is odorless and non-staining to furniture (carpets, sofas and fur). Always familiarize yourself with any potential side effects, which should be outlined in the product information.

Do Flea Collars work?

The flea collars that can be bought are mainly plastic and can be designed to last up to 12 months, therefore ensure that they will be appropriately comfortable. They can be tailored (cut down) to the size of your pet as they are usually sold a lot longer in length than required, however its worth measuring the size of your pets neck in case it isn’t long enough to fit (certainly for very large dogs). There are also ultrasonic pet collars available.

How to make a Flea Collar - Flea collars can be made at home, using essential oils and other ingredients or they can be bought directly from the internet. Not all natural ingredients are safe to cats so research it carefully. Our homemade flea remedies article may provide ideas. If you are making your own, perhaps consult a veterinarian. Remember to always thoroughly wash your hands after touching any insecticides and keep them away from children.

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