Flea Shampoo

Before you give your beloved dog, cat, monkey or itchy child a wash with a Flea shampoo, make sure you thoroughly seek adequate advice from a professional that the product is 100% suitable. There are many products in the market that sound quite dangerous! Ensure you read any directions and ingredients carefully and fully understand what you are massaging in prior to any action.

A flea shampoo (known by some as a flea bath) is a common way of trying to eradicate an infestation on the house pet. As you are probably aware if you own a dog, it’s not the easiest of jobs bathing the pet in the first place, and I expect it would be even more challenging with a cat? However, if the vet has advised one of the many dog flea shampoos it’s a good place to start.

flea shampoo for fleas

The initial shampooing may not clear all the parasites in one sitting, so you may need to apply the solution regularly. It is possible that they may reappear in less than a week. Also, the product may need to be used with other types of control for long term effectiveness (perhaps with an accompanying collar, spot on or powder medication).

Flea Shampoo

Some believe that certain flea shampoos could be hazardous, and that it's possible excess chemicals can be left lingering which could be detrimental to the rest of the household. So if you do go down the route of using this type of product, be safe and completely clean the bath after use and ensure that any residue is properly rinsed away. You don’t want your pet licking and swallowing any harmful chemicals after use - nor any of your children.

There are several brands of flea shampoo for controlling parasites. If you have a kitten or puppy, be careful what you use as some may be too severe. Even with adult pets, try not to overuse a product - follow the directions carefully. Consult your veterinarian for peace of mind.

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