Flea Spray

A Flea spray is a mixture of liquid in a container which ejects small droplets into the air to treat a particular area which may contain fleas. They are very useful when trying to target hard to reach areas such as cracks, crevices and thick carpets. They also allow you to gently cover more sensitive spots with clouds of mist.

Flea Spray for the Home, Yard and Pets - These products can be used as a repellent or as a treatment. They can be purchased directly from the internet, your veterinarian or you could make your own one at home (although this would normally be as a repellent). Sprays come in all shapes and sizes. There are many to choose from on the internet and they range in price and suitability. You will be able to find a suitable product for use in your household, your yard, for your pets and also for you. The commercial products vary in the chemicals that are used and it is important to always understand the dangers and risks - always fully read the label and instructions before usage. Also check any reviews and forums that may be able to offer more up to date advice. Some products could discolor and damage untreated furniture, so it is important to use such treatments with care.

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Flea Spray Control - Sprays are not usually advised as a single control method. It is often suggested by suppliers that they are used as part of a regular flea control programme, and that other treatments such as foggers and bombs are used as well. This will depend on the severity of your problem, however if you have parasites in the home you may wish to use multiple techniques together to better your chances of a thorough extermination.

Flea Control Spray

Flea Spray Treatment can be used as a repellent on our clothes and skin (Deet), on our pets (homemade or bought), as well as on upholstery in the home and yard. There are several repellents that you could try - perhaps visit our flea repellent page for some ideas.

There are products that can be used both indoors and outside. Each product usually lists a plan which requires a regular treatment over a set amount of time. The household sprays not only kill fleas but some also target dust mites (which could also cause you and your pets allergies), and a long list of other pests (ants, bed bugs, beetles, flies, cockroaches, moths, mosquitoes, ticks and wasps). Look for a spray that is odorless and won’t damage any of your furniture or household materials - but one that will target both adult fleas (such as Permethrin), the eggs, larvae and pupae (with an insect growth regulator) and is long lasting.

Flea Spray for Dogs and Cats

Flea Spray Pets - Fleas are usually found on and around a host. As the pests are more commonly brought into the home by our pets, then we should be targeting the areas where our pets sleep and roam, as well as the household in general as the parasites could have been transported around without you knowing. And remember to only use a cat specific product on a cat and a dog specific product on a dog. Visit some of our other pages for additional flea control methods and techniques.

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