Fleas Types

There are a number of different types of flea around the world (in excess of 2000 species worldwide). However, some are more common than others - and we have dedicated articles on the the most popular! These parasites affect our pets, our homes and our families and controlling the pests can be an ongoing and repetitive challenge. We have lots of helpful advice, information and facts throughout this site that will enable you to learn and understand the flea and the best ways to get rid of infestations.

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If you pets are suffering from fleas, the discomfort and stress they can be put under is awful to see. It is very important to therefore plan how to treat any infestations quickly and avoid the parasites returning. Preventing parasites on pets and in the home could help save money, time and stress for all pet owners. Should you have dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, mice or rabbits please visit the links for assistance. Should you be worried about sand fleas causing you a problem on vacation, or perhaps from daily walks on the beach, our sand flea article offers lots of helpful info about ways to avoid them on both you and your pets.

baby flea typetype of young flealarge adult sand flea

Pictures of a baby, young adult and fully grown adult sand flea.

All Types of Fleas

Although there are various types of fleas, the majority of them feed, grow and multiply in the same way. They all have an incredible ability to jump (using their hind legs) and do so to leap onto their 'host' so they can achieve a blood meal. They are generally tiny, certainly in the early stages of development, they do not fly and they thrive in warm conditions. Adult fleas are not usually reported to be much more than half a centimeter long, however we can confirm that the adult sand flea below was measured at approximately 14mm in length (should anyone require original photos for research please let us know). Flea infestations can be difficult to treat and their bites can be a royal pain (usually around the ankles and backs of the knee) so learn more about fleas today and avoid them causing you a problem in the future.

Different Types of Fleas

If you believe you have these parasites causing you a problem, we have pictures that you can use to identify the flea, as well as diagrams and descriptions on many of our other pages. Should you have pictures of fleas that you would be happy for us to post on our site, please send them through to our webmaster and if appropriate we will load them up. The more pictures we have available the easier it will be for others to identify these parasites and learn the methods they need to help get rid of them.

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