Fleas Extermination

Flea Extermination - If you know that you have a flea infestation, you will need to search for key effective methods in detection and then effective flea removal / extermination techniques. Our flea control page lists several proven methods that you could use to help with the eradication of parasites in the home, yard, on you or on your pets.

To begin, you need to be certain where the parasites are, how they have got there and where they could have spread to. Once you know this, you can look to tackle the pest's breeding ground whilst clearing any infected hosts (pets/humans) and any other affected area in the home or where the pet dwells (bedding, car, etc).

fleas and extermination

The Extermination of fleas can be a torrid job. Some may bow to the pressure and employ the services of an expert. There are many exterminators that will be happy to come round to your property and assist you with getting rid of all types of pests. If, however, you would rather tackle the problem yourself there are many products you can buy to help you. Which product you will require will be determined by the extent of the infestation and where it is situated.

Fleas and Extermination

It can be an arduous task and there are a lot of methods, so why not try some from the list below,

We have articles on all of these subjects and you be able to pick up some helpful tips to help deal with your predicament! All can be accessed via our homepage.

The Extermination of Fleas

Remember that you will need to target the fleas in every stage of their life cycle to completely exterminate them all, so don’t settle for one product that only kills adult fleas as the eggs, larvae and pupa will survive. Be thorough with your planning and ensure that all parasites are dealt with. You will need a suitable adulticide as well as an insect growth regulator. If you have infested pets, then they will need to be treated at the same time you are exterminating the pests from the house or yard. Otherwise, there’s a high chance they could immediately bring flees back into the area you've just treated.

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