Flea Drops

Flea drops are a product available online to assist you with the killing of fleas on your pet. They should be used in conjunction with other remedies to ensure a thorough extermination takes place. There are organic flea drops you can purchase and also some brands that are cheaper than others, however some of the more popular brands are produced by Frontline, Advantage, Hartz, Johnsons, Adams, Advantix and  Advocate. Drops contain chemicals that help destroy parasites on your dogs and cats whilst not causing danger to the pets themselves.

There are flea drops available for different types of pet and you should ensure you are always using the correct product type. Do not use those meant for for cats on a dog, or those meant for dogs on a cat. Some of the ingredients that may be used will not be suitable and could harm your pet. Always ensure you read the directions in full and understand what the contents are (plus any side effects) before you apply them to animals. You can always ask your local veterinarian for their advice if you are not sure.

drops - fleas and ticks

Flea drops can be applied to your pet after a bath. Ensure that your pet is clean and dry and then you are ready to start. If you have a dog, then ensure the dog is standing when you apply the drops. The instructions will tell you exactly how to use the product however it is usually suggested that they are applied to the back of the dogs neck (where it will not able to lick the area afterwards). Likewise with a cat, you do not want your cat to lick the treated area so ensure that they are applied in a spot less likely to be licked. The amount of treatment you should apply will be determined by the size of your pet. The pets’ fur should be parted as the solution needs to go directly onto their skin. Be careful to keep pets apart after applying the flea drops as you want to avoid the pets licking each other.

Flea Drops

Providers claim that the drops can kill 98% of fleas within 24 hours and that the treatment can last up to 5 weeks to 2 months from application (depending on the product). The solutions dissolve into the skin and cover the whole surface of your pet within 24 hours. Any excess chemical will be stored in your pets’ natural oil glands. This storage will ensure that your pet is covered for up to a 2 month period.

Flea Drops for Dogs and Cats

Remember that if your pet has a problem with parasites, you will need to control the area where your pet has been and lives. See some of our other pages for ideas on prevention and control methods. You can always seek direction from your veterinarian about what products are best for your pets, and there are exterminators that will come to your home and help kill any infestations. It is not recommended that some chemicals are used on puppies or kittens (under 8 weeks) so look for natural remedies if they have fleas. Prevention and control is always better than treatment so look to control a parasite problem before it occurs!

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