Natural Flea Killer

Several products claim to be natural flea killers, but contain ingredients that are still reportedly harmful to some house-pets. Therefore, if you are looking for natural ways to deal with parasites, it is still worth researching the effects that these commercial remedies have on you and your pets.

The best natural flea killer is diatomaceous earth. It can be used in the garden, in the home and if used in a controlled manner should not cause any harm. It is advised when using chemical treatments that you operate them using a face mask, goggles and protective clothing and dealing with diatomaceous earth is no different. If inhaled, it can cause respiratory problems so apply it when the house and yard are free of people and house-pets. The earth accesses the parasite's coating causing it to become dehydrated and die. Therefore, when applying it, you will need to specifically target the tiny pests and ensure that they come into contact with it. If you are using it as an alternative to a powder on your pet’s fur, rub it in thoroughly. Likewise, in the carpet and lawn ensure that it is reaching all the areas which may be infested. Prepare the carpet first by vacuuming and the lawn by mowing. Seal and dispose of bags afterwards so that the pests cant escape and return. The diatomaceous earth can be left for a number of days before vacuuming so that it has a better chance of exterminating all the fleas. There are different grades of diatomaceous earth, so be sure to use the food grade ultra fine type for best results.

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Other types of natural flea killer are pyrethrum and limonene. These have been used as pesticides for a long time, but should still be used carefully and with caution. Any products that contain these ingredients will come with instructions on how to use them and you should fully read before acting. An easy to make natural flea killer is a trap. To construct a trap all you need is a bowl of warm water, some liquid soap and a lamp. The parasites are coaxed towards the heat of the light on the lamp, and you place the bowl of soapy water next to it so they fall in and drown. You could make multiple traps and leave them in all areas of the home and yard where you may have an infestation. By using a trap and counting the adult fleas you capture you may be able to calculate what sort of population you have on your hands (usually made up of 5% adult, 10% pupae, 35% larvae, 50% Eggs).

Natural Flea Killers

If your pet has fleas, some natural ways to kill them would be to regularly groom and wash your pet. A decent (metal) comb could extract parasites from their fur, before you perform a bath with an herbal shampoo (always check with a veterinarian which is best). The dead parasites can be manually picked off of the pet and drowned in the water, and the shampoo could leave a natural repelling scent on the pet’s fur. As there is a limited amount of natural products for your pets, repellents and regular sanitization of your pets bedding will help avoid the need of treatment. Your pets should be given a balanced healthy nutritional diet and lots of exercise to ensure a strong immune system. Natural supplements to their daily food will also help keep flees at bay.

Natural Flea Killer for dogs and cat

To give you the best chance against all types of parasites - preparation and control are the way forward. Be prepared for flea season, by treating your homes, yards and pets before any problems occur. You can look at our natural flea control page and grow repelling plants, spread cedar wood throughout the garden and block any routes in that garden pests may have. If you spot a tiny parasite at any time, then it’s time to investigate and act with treatments as soon as you can.

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