Dog Flea

What is a Dog Flea? - A parasite that lives predominantly on canines. 'Dog flea' is the common name, but you can also find information under its specie name, Ctenocephalides canis. These tiny pests feed off the blood of house pet and wild dogs; however they are also known to transfer onto other house pets, such as cats, and also on to humans. They are hardy insects which need to be exterminated at the earliest opportunity. If they are left to feed, multiply and move around the house you will need to seek the appropriate means of getting rid of the infestation, and this costs money and time. But more importantly they will drive your poor animal mad - the bites can itch and cause real discomfort.

Dog Flea Protection - These specie of flea are similar to others in that they have no wings, but an incredible ability to jump over 150 times their own body length and 80 times their body height. This may not sound a lot, considering they only grow up to approximately 2-3mm in length, but it does mean they can spring themselves from pet to pet and pet to human with little detection.

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The Dog Flea and Diseases - It is reported that fleas are responsible for carrying historic diseases such as the Black Death, and also that they spread tapeworms, specie name Dipylidium caninum. Therefore, if you find that your house pet  is infected, then it would be wise to also check the area where the pet sleeps and also any family members that have come in close proximity to the area and pet. As they are able to lurk in the smallest of spaces, it is worth checking bedding, under bowls, in any upholstery and in cracks in flooring, walls and in carpets and rugs. Be thorough!

Dog Flea Control

There have been over 2300 different species of flea acknowledged across the globe and the ever increasing variety of hosts (canines, felines, squirrels, rats, house mice for example), make them very difficult to control and monitor. A female adult is able to produce 950 eggs in its lifetime if they are left to feed and live. These parasites can reach up to 1.5 years old, although on average it is believed that only survive 2-3 months. However, you won't want them to live very long if they infest your home and pets, so act quickly and with the best products and methods available.

If you believe your have dog fleas in your home (major signs and symptoms of the dog flea could include your pet repetitively itching, scratching, biting specific parts of their body and a reddening of their skin), click through to our getting rid of fleas page for ways of doing away with the nasty insects.

Dog Flea Treatments and Remedies

If your pet keeps having problems with fleas, you may need to consider Dog Health Insurance to help subsidize dog flea treatment. Health insurance for dogs will help pay for the treatment of ill health caused by fleas and could save you money further down the line. The costs of last minute visits to the veterinary and expensive meds could quickly leave you out of pocket, so get quotes to cover illnesses caused by parasites and any prescriptions or emergency hospital treatment. If there is any doubt about the health of your pets, or problems linked with parasites such as fleas, ticks, mites or lice consult your local Vet as soon as possible for professional assistance. The Vet will be able to diagnose any problems and will be able to prescribe the best treatment and any necessary medication.

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