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Flea problem in house, in yard or on pets? - Don't panic, there are many ways you can deal with it. A range of products are available to help eradicate parasites and not always at a great cost. Depending on where your complication is and the severity of the issue will determine which method you may choose as a solution. Parasite infestations could occur in the home, in the yard or apply directly to humans and our pets. As soon as these types of pests are discovered in any of these areas you should look for extermination techniques before you have an infestation on your hands. However, if you are already overrun with parasites don’t panic as there are strong insecticides to wipe out whole populations.

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To understand the severity of your dilemma, you can always try to note the amount of adult fleas in the vicinity. Traps are often a good indicator of how many adults are around, so set one up and then count the amount of dead fleas you catch. Average flea populations in the home are said to consist of the 5% adults, 10% pupae, 35% larvae, 50% Eggs. This will then allow you to calculate what size situation you have on your hands. If the pests are on your pets, then it is likely that they may have been transported all over your home and yard, in addition to where the pet sleeps, so conduct a thorough investigation so you can prepare to tackle the issue at large.

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Such a situation must be solved by targeting the parasites in every stage of their life cycle. An adulticide will kill adults and an insect growth regulator will target the immature stages (eggs, larvae and pupae). If the infestation is on a huge scale, it is often necessary to use more than one method of treatment and control. If your pet has fleas and has unknowingly infested the rest of the household then you will need to treat both the pets and the home at the same time. This may mean that the pet and all other family members must vacate the premises for a day whilst insecticides are spread and bedding, covers, furniture and upholstery are treated. You then have the option of treating your pets outdoors or simply taking them to the vet whilst foggers, bombs, sprays or powders are used at home.

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Some techniques you may wish to use are, House & Yard: traps, bombs, foggers, sprays, powders, lawn treatments. Pets: combs, shampoos, baths, powders, dips, drops, collars, wipes, pills/medication It is always wise to research products before purchasing them. Friends, family or forums are good places to start for recommendations, and it is advisable to go with one of the main brands which have a guarantee. Most products for a parasites and pests will indicate how long it takes for results to happen. You may wish to use one that’s natural or one that has chemicals and toxins. Whichever you choose, be sure to fully understand the ingredients, use them in a safe and prepared environment and don’t out yourself or others at risk.

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A problem will usually arise if you are unprepared. Pet owner’s often combat fleas by treating their animals and homes before the main season starts. If you do not have pets and parasites have been brought into the home by you or an unwanted pest, look at ways of preventing this happening again. We offer information on controlling pests, preparation for season, treatment and remedies on other pages so please ensure you visit them for more information.

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