Getting rid of Fleas

If you have fleas then you want to get rid of them as soon as you can. There are many ways of getting rid of fleas in the home, on humans, on pets and in the yard but they do involve preparation and control methods. What you try should depend on the severity of your flea infestation.

Firstly, you will want to determine exactly where the fleas are and how bad the infestation is. If you have fleas in the yard then check every corner, the lawn, under decking, in and around plants and under shrubs. Fleas like dark and warm shady areas, so a thorough investigation should be performed to ensure you have every angle covered. If the fleas are in your home, then you should check carpets, furniture, curtains, cupboards, drawers and window sills. You could even set up a flea trap to understand how many fleas may be around (flea populations are usually made up of 5% adult, 10% pupae, 35% larvae, 50% Eggs). If you capture so many adult fleas, you could normally do the math and understand what else may be lurking nearby. If the fleas are on your pet, then again you’ll want to search the area and bedding where the pet sleeps, all the areas that the pet may have been, any transport the pet has travelled in and any areas of the yard they may have visited.

fleas and getting rid

Once you have established where the fleas are you will have a better idea of what needs to be done to eradicate them. You may need to plan for your home to be exterminated and therefore need to get everyone out for a period of time. All family members and pets will need to be vacated if certain chemicals are to be used. You may also need to get rid of fleas on yourself or your pets, while the home or yard is being treated. These will need to coincide at the same time, otherwise you could risk the fleas being brought straight back in.

Getting Rid of Fleas in the Home

When effectively getting rid of fleas, you will need to understand their lifecycle and what products target which stage of the flea process. It is always recommended that you use an adulticide and an insect growth regulator to ensure you are getting rid of both the adult fleas and eggs. Methods of extermination and control vary in price and necessity. You will have to do your homework when it comes to any chemicals that are going to be used, as some products contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your pets, yourselves and your home (damage to furniture etc) and well as getting rid of fleas. Always read the contents and instructions - certainly when using flea bombs or foggers. Visit our other pages for more information!

Getting Rid of Fleas in the House

If you have fleas to rid, then it is likely that you’ll rarely want to experience it again. This is why flea prevention and regular control is advisable for the future. Treat you lawns, treat your pets, treat your carpets and treat yourselves. Flea repellents are good to use near flea season, regular and thorough vacuuming around the home and general good sanitization will all aid you in the fight against fleas.

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