Carpet Fleas

Carpet Fleas can be brought into the home by humans, pets and guests (as well as unwanted pests like mice, squirrels and rats). You will need to get rid of them as soon as possible, so they do not reproduce, multiply and infest the rest of your home. There are many methods of control you can use and also several products that will help you exterminate these invasive parasites.

Fleas in Carpet - Fleas predominantly live on a host, where they feed off the blood, enabling them to lay eggs and reproduce. Once eggs have been laid on the host, the host can unknowingly deposit the eggs around the home simply by them dropping out onto the floor (usually a pet). The larvae from the eggs like to crawl to dark shaded areas to feed off organic material, debris and fibers. The carpet is a great place for flea larvae to live and stay until they can form into an adult flea. If the temperature and humidity is right, the eggs can hatch at am alarmingly quick rate, it is therefore important that when looking to control these pests, that you target both the adults (through an adulticide) and the immature stages of the flea - egg, larvae and pupae (through an insect growth regulator).

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Carpet treatment for Fleas - To begin, it is advised that you start cleaning by thoroughly vacuum the home - making sure to vacuum the whole carpet, under furniture, curtains, cupboards, sideboards, tables, chairs, etc. You should repeat this at least every day if not more while the parasites are still apparent. Always dispose of the vacuum bad immediately afterwards, by sealing it and placing the bag outside the home in the garbage (away from the building). Just because the pests may have been vacuumed up, they could quite easily still be alive and trying to jump free. You then have the option of buying some control products to help kill the parasites for good (some of which you may have around the house already). Flea bombs, foggers, insecticide sprays and powders are among the most common. The bombs and foggers spray a mist of insecticide into the air, covering all types of household furniture and these are a common way of exterminating them in the home. However, for more direct application (and if you have a thick carpet) a powder or a spray may be more appropriate to use. Borax and diatomaceous earth can also be applied and then later vacuumed out.

Fleas on Carpet

Get rid of Fleas in Carpet - If you can see you have these jumping parasites in your rug then you will be identifying the adults. You can normally get an idea of what type/size of problem you have on your hands by understanding what an average home flea population is made up of (5% adult, 10% pupae, 35% larvae, 50% Eggs). Therefore, if you can visibly see multiple adults jumping around trying to get on you and your pets it is very likely that there are ten times as many eggs laid nearby. If you are not sure that the parasites are fleas, you may be interested in reading about bed bugs or lice.

Fleas in the Carpet

Kill Fleas in Carpet with products - Each product uses different types of chemicals and some of these can very harmful to house pets, fish and humans (if inhaled). Therefore, it is imperative that you always read the directions and ingredients on any product you are planning to use, before application. Visit our other pages for more information on the methods and the precautions one should consider. Remember to keep everyone out of the house when applying any chemicals and also air the property before allowing anyone to re-enter the premises. A snap shot of methods used to help get rid of the parasites for good are below:

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