Killing Fleas

There are several ways of killing fleas, and the methods used are usually dictated by the severity of the flea problem or infestations. You can choose to buy products for exterminating fleas or alternatively you may choose to make your own homemade natural remedies. Homemade remedies such as destroying parasites with salt may work on some strains of flea but certainly with large infestations, you may need alternative means - or access to a lot of salt.

Killing fleas in bedding - With all processes, it is firstly important to determine where the source of the problem is. If it’s in the home, then conduct a thorough search around all the areas that the pests could have moved in to. If it’s in your yard, search with the same conviction. Check any pets you may have, family transport, cupboards, furniture, garbage areas outside and then set a plan of how you are going to target each area one at a time. If you have parasites in the house and they have taken up residence in the bedroom you will want to check curtains, covers and clothing. Killing fleas in bedding, towels and clothing could be exercised by washing on a very high temperature and then drying the bedding etc also at a high heat. They may be able to survive water (in certain cases) but killing fleas with heat will work. However, whilst washing laundry you should attack any parasites that may be left in and around the bed and bedroom. Traps, sprays and powders will help the cause.

fleas killing

How to kill fleas - Understanding the parasites will help your battle. The flea has a lifecycle like everything else, so ensure that you are tackling the problem correctly. You need to target the fleas in two stages of their cycle - exterminating the adults will need to be performed with the use of an adulticide, and exterminating any eggs that may have been laid need to be executed with an insect growth regulator. Both of these can be found in some foggers, but be sure to read the directions of the fogger before use as they often contain toxic chemicals.

Killing Fleas

What kills Fleas? - Straight forward ways to kill fleas could be to regularly vacuum your home and to dispose of the vacuum bag immediately afterwards (are you looking for ways of killing fleas naturally?). You could use an insecticide spray or a flea bomb. Make a homemade flea trap (simple to construct) and coax in the parasites, via a warm light, for drowning. Make or buy flea collars for your pets and regularly give them flea baths. Alternatively, if you don’t have the time (or the patience) call in the local exterminators and have them take care of the extermination. They will be able to explain the extent of any infestation and ensure that the appropriate means are taken to solve the problem. Good luck with the killing of your fleas!

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