Pets Fleas

If your pets have fleas there are several ways you can deal with them, depending on how big the infestation. You will normally notice that your pets are suffering with fleas when they become irritable, scratching and gnawing themselves. Their discomfort is horrible to see, so you should look to treat them as soon as possible. Your pets can pick up parasites in a number of places and then easily distribute them elsewhere. It would be a good idea to try to determine where your pet may have contracted fleas so that you can prevent it happening again and (if on your property) eradicate the source. If you have house fleas but no pets, there are many other ways that they could be brought into the house. For more info and help in getting rid of parasites please visit our homepage.

Once you have identified all the areas where the pet has been and checked them for fleas, you need to look at solutions to the problem. Some techniques of controlling pets fleas include Wipes, Collars, Sprays, Grooming, Powders, Dips, Shampoos, Meds (pills), Bombs, Traps, Foggers and Repellents. We have articles on the nearly all of these remedies so please ensure you take a look for more information and links to products.

fleas on pets

It is very likely that if your pets have fleas then the area where they dwell will also be infested. As pets are normally allowed to run free, you will also need to consider treating the entire home, yard and any transport they have been in (all of which should take place on the same day if possible, to increase your chances of getting rid of all potential parasites).

Fleas on Pets

You will need to kill the pets fleas in two ways to be sure you are capturing the flea at every stage of its life cycle. An adulticide with kill the adult parasites, whereas I.G.R.s (Insect Growth Regulators) target the eggs, larvae and pupae. Once you choose the remedies you are going to use, make sure both groups are covered. To see more detail on how to remove parasites from the home and yard navigate to our sitemap.

Flea combs are a good starting point for your pets fleas, followed by a flea bath. Dips can then be applied to your animals. Alternatively, you may wish to obtain some suitable medication from the veterinarian. Once these methods have been executed, get some repellents for your pets and prevent parasites wanting to jump and feed on them.

Fleas no Pets

To clear your pet of parasites you can always simply visit your veterinarian for treatment, or alternatively buy some products over the counter. Things to be wary about are the chemicals used - always use the pet specific products, i.e. cat treatments on cats and dog treatments on dogs. This is because some ingredients are fatal to certain types of animal, so understand the contents and follow the instructions carefully. If you have friends and family with similar pets, ask if they have ever had fleas and if so, what product they used to treat them. Honest advice is always helpful, and you could even try one of the many internet forums where people help each other with information. It is always worth purchasing one of the top brands to help your pet recover. More information on these methods can be found elsewhere on our website, so please take a look around.

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