My Dog Has Fleas

What if my Dog has Fleas? - It is likely that you will have the parasites in the home too. Not only should you be concerned about having the tiny pests removed from your pet immediately, you should also be sure to conduct a thorough search of your home, the area that they inhabit and also anywhere your pet may have been (in the car, in the yard, in the bedrooms, on the furniture, etc).

Help, my Dog Has Fleas! - This specie of parasite may predominantly live on canines, however they are also known to transfer on to other house pets and also onto their owners. Dog flea is the common name for Ctenocephalides canis. It is a parasite that feeds off the blood of canines by piercing their skin and sucking. If these parasites are left untreated to feed, lay eggs and infest the home you may find an arduous cleaning task on your hands.

fleas on dog

Parasites are not solely an irritation in the home - they also have the ability to carry diseases, tapeworm and cause dermatitis. If your pet has caught them from wild animals or strays, you will want to have him or her treated as soon as possible for their long-term health.

My Dog Has Fleas

You can rid your canine of parasites with an array of products, easily purchased on the internet - but be sure to also pay the same amount of attention to your home through different means of flea control. Dogs can be given baths, bought collars, sprays and administered medicines amongst other control methods (see our Pet Flea Control page) and the home could be treated with an appropriate fogger or bomb.

If your dog has fleas and they are causing immense discomfort and scratching, then it would be wise to visit your veterinarian for advice and direction on which products would be best to remedy the situation. Do this ASAP!

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