Get Rid of Ticks

There are many ways to get rid of ticks, depending on where they are. If you already have these ectoparasites on you, your family or your pets you would be better visiting our tick removal page. Some of us are unlucky enough to get tick infestations in our homes and yards and below are some ideas to help get rid of them. Preparation and control will help eradicate the parasites and keep them at bay.

To ensure you get rid of ticks thoroughly, it is a good idea to understand their lifecycle and where they can be found. There are four parts to a tick’s life cycle (eggs, larvae, nymph and adult). For each stage of the process to happen, the tick must feed on a host. Therefore when you look to get rid of ticks, ensure you are targeting every stage of the lifecycle. Removing the opportunity for these parasites to feed on hosts (by controlling mice, rats, squirrels and birds) will help get rid of ticks as they won’t be able to reproduce. Blocking holes and cracks into the yard and home, placing fencing around the parameter and ensuring that your pets are covered in a suitable repellent will all help get rid of ticks near your property.

best ways to get rid of ticks

To get rid of ticks, repelling plants and spreading of cedar wood chips are good ways of preventing them entering your yard in the first place. As they can easily be transported in on small animals and birds, look at ways of preventing the animals entering too. Keep the yard clean and tidy, sweep up leaves, cut the lawns short, seal and dispose of any food waste and garbage, cut back shrubs and trees near to the home and yard and look to create a safe zone which is tick-free. As these pests are found in woods, and grassy areas, which are humid and moist - don’t let your yard become a similar place where they can thrive.

Ways to Get Rid of Ticks

Get rid of Ticks in Yard - As well as repellents you can use multiple products to rid ticks. Insecticides can be spread and sprayed over your yard, targeting the parasites. The use of powders and sprays can be good remedies. There are several top brands that can be easily purchased over the internet. Begin by thoroughly searching all areas where the ticks may be. As they are so small, and can survive long period without feeding, you need to target all cracks and crevices, under shrubs, in the lawn, and around any permanent structures outdoors such as garages, sheds and kennels. Our tick repellent page could help.

How do I Get Rid of Ticks?

To get rid of ticks inside the home, regular cleaning, vacuuming and washing of all bedding, sofa covers, rugs, floors and surfaces where the ticks may be able to establish themselves should all be targeted. Bombs and foggers could be used in large rooms around the house. As some contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to pets and fish (as well as humans) ensure these are used in a controlled environment. You want to clear all parasites, but also ensure there aren’t any detrimental effects to the home or those who dwell there. Sprays and powders can be applied to difficult to reach areas and into thick carpets. Also, checking your pets and your clothing before re-entering the home will lessen the chance of ticks being brought in. Your veterinarian will be able to advise good control methods for parasites on your pets. Always remove the ticks carefully and ensure that your pet is given the best chance of avoiding bites by applying a good tick repellent (some use collars). Keeping pets away from areas that are heavily populated with ticks is also a good idea.

If you have a tick problem that you think will be too difficult to combat yourself, then there are many pest control companies that will come in and get rid of the ticks for you. They may use similar methods to those that you can purchase yourself, but they will be more familiar with the process and products and it takes some of the burden off you.

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