Repel Fleas

How to Repel Fleas - There are many methods that will help you repel fleas. Some products you can buy easily on the internet or over the counter and some you can attempt to make yourself at home. Making your own repellents may be good fun and if they work, then you’ve saved yourself a bit of money. If you have fleas in your home, yard or already on your pets, then make sure you visit our other pages for ways of ridding the irritating parasites. You should be looking to kill all fleas as well as repel them. If you are simply looking for the best ways to repel these tiny parasites prior to flea season, then please read on. We have advice on how to fend off fleas from you, your pets, your home and your yard. When you want to repel something, you look to force them back/away and discourage their advances.

How to Repel Fleas from Humans - Two common flea repellents for humans are Deet and Permethrin spray, both of which can be bought off the internet from multiple suppliers. Alternatively, you could opt for a homemade solution and concoct an essential oil (diluted) spray. Contents for such a spray could include lavender, rosewood, peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, cedar, citrus or lemongrass. All of these essential oils are known to stave off fleas. By diluting an oil with water and keeping the solution in a spray bottle, this could be applied like a body spray each day. However, be certain that you aren’t allergic to any of the oils and if they cause you respiratory problems or skin irritation stop using them and see a doctor.

how to repel fleas

You can repel fleas from your pet in similar ways, however some essential oils can be very harmful to certain animals and pets so exercise caution. Always read the labels on any products you buy to repulse parasites from your pet. Even if the ingredients are explained as natural, be certain they are compatible with your pet. Cats, fish and birds can all have fatal reactions to certain essential oils. Also, when spraying any repellent over your pet, ensure it doesn’t go in their eyes or ears as to not cause them further discomfort. A different way to fend off these parasites is to add certain ingredients to your pets daily meal. Garlic is a popular supplement with dog owners and the size of the portion should be determined by the size of the dog. The garlic acts as a natural repellent through the odor emitted from the pets skin. Large quantities of garlic are reported as toxic to cats, so always seek professional advice from your veterinarian for peace of mind and safety. Likewise, a supplement of brewers yeast in meals is said to also push back flees. You could always look into the possibility of making a flea collar (or buying one) with diluted essential oils, applying your pet with a flea dip or using a flea repelling shampoo. Finally, to give your pet the best natural chance of repelling fleas, help them maintain a healthy diet with plenty of nutrition.

Ways to Repel Fleas

Drive back parasites from the home by keeping natural repelling plants, having an insect mesh over open doors, using plug in repellents, filling any holes and cracks where they could find a way in, spraying furniture and carpets with insecticides (be careful with the chemicals used - certainly on untreated furniture) in addition to preventing the advances of any wild animals that may bring the fleas in on their bodies. More info on Natural Flea Repellent. These pests have multiple ways of getting into the home (usually on house pets) so attempt to thoroughly combat any chances they have.

Repelling Fleas at Home

To repel fleas from infesting your yard’s lawn, there are several powders and sprays you can buy. Repelling parasites works hand in hand with control and precaution so application of insecticides before flea season will help keep them at arm's length. This can be applied throughout the yard, certainly around any kennels and decking. You could also choose to line your perimeters with naturally repelling plants. They will smell and look good, plus you may be able to use some of them for other home made remedies and cooking. If you are surrounded by other yards or natural land that could potentially home fleas, look into ways of fencing them out. It may not be aesthetically pleasing to everyone, but walls and strong fences could keep parasites from jumping in to your yard. No matter what you choose as a repellent, always be sure that you understand the dangers of chemicals, toxic fumes, essential oils and your environment before using them. Seek professional advice or call in the local pest control company for assistance and guidance if you think you need it.

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