Flea Infestation

How to rid a Flea Infestation - An infestation of fleas is when the parasites overrun, invade and inhabit an area where they are unwanted. This could be in dogs, in cats, in the home, in the yard or even in your transport. If you have an infestation you will want to have it exterminated as soon as possible. It could be caused by a number of factors and could appear in multiple places. A thorough investigation of all nearby areas should be conducted before you plan methods and techniques for treatment.

Flea Infestation in Home - There are several ways to eradicate a population of fleas, depending on where it is and the severity of the problem. You should determine the source of the problem to begin with, so you can look to avoid it happening again. If the flea infestation has come about due to the parasites being brought into the home by your house pet, then its unfortunate but possible it could occur again - there are preventative measures one can take which we can look at below. If the tiny pests are entering your home via cracks in the windows, floors or on wild animals, such as rats, mice, squirrels, you need to look at ways to stop it happening outright. Parasites could also possibly be transported in on our clothing and in our luggage.

home flea infestation

How Flea Infestations Occur - No matter how the fleas entered into where they now are, if the conditions are right they will reproduce at an alarmingly fast rate. These parasites like dark, warm and shaded areas - if the temperature and humidity is suitable, the 45 eggs a day that the female adult is able to produce may not take long to become adults themselves. You need to target their reproduction cycle, killing not only the adult fleas but also any eggs, larvae and pupae. Adults normally only account for 5% of the flea population (10% pupae, 35% larvae, 50% Eggs), so you can work out what type of infestation you have on your hands by trying to figure out the amount of adults jumping around. To do this, you will need to find products that contain an adulticide and an insect growth regulator (IGR).

Infestation of Fleas

Flea Infestation Treatment - Some of the more popular choices for getting rid of infestations are:

All of which can be easily purchased on line. If your home needs to be exterminated, then you will have to carefully plan to have everyone (children and pets) out of the house. Foggers and bombs can usually be used within a day, the property will need to be aired for long enough before people can return. If you also need to rid your pet of an infestation you should look to do this while your home or yard is being treated. Try to have these happen at the same time, to avoid bringing fleas back into the home or treating the pet only for them to walk back into an infestation. You may look to take your pet outdoors to apply animal specific remedies or take them to the veterinarian.

Flea Infestation in House

Prevention of Flea Infestations - Techniques of exterminating infestations vary in price, but it is worth purchasing the top brands which come with a guarantee and recommendation. Ensure you are fully aware of any chemicals that are contained within the products as some can be harmful to both pets and humans. Some chemicals can also damage furniture, so be sure you know how to prepare the home prior to usage. Once you have treated your problem, you should be looking at preventive steps and controls to avoid any future recurrence. Regular cleaning and vacuuming, washing of bedding, sofa covers, rugs, mats and curtains will all help. Applying insecticides to your property prior to flea season and then regularly throughout the year may also be a good idea if you often experience problems with parasites. Pets can be treated with shampoos, dips, combs, in addition to a healthy and balanced nutritional diet. Repellents should be used on humans as well pets - and if you have the time and the live in the right climate, grow some natural repelling plants around the home.

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