Fleas on Humans

Can fleas live on humans? - Human flea is the common name for 'Pulex irritans'. They are not unusual or unheard of and many people suffer from them throughout the year. If you find the insects in your daughter’s hair it’s no indication that she is dirty (!) however it is indication that you/she must act on having them treated without delay.

Getting rid of fleas on humans - You can get dog fleas on humans as well as cat fleas on humans and you should act quickly to get rid of them as promptly and efficiently as possible! It is not uncommon for people with no pets to get fleas - they can be contracted in several scenarios. We can get them from a number of hosts, but the more usual are house pets (dogs and cats), although the flea is carried by other animals that may come near the home (squirrels, rats, mice, rabbits). Human fleas bite animals and birds, so they can quickly move from one host to another in the right environment.

picture of fleas bites on humans

The flea is not just found in one country - it’s a global parasite. It’s been linked to a number of other animals such as foxes, badgers and pigs, and apparently is a considerable pest to farmers who may have to come into contact with pigsties where the parasites could thrive. The picture below was taken in the UK and is an allergic reaction to multiple flea bites around the ankle. Blistering occurred and developed into one huge blister before being drained at hospital. Don't panic though, different people react differently!

Rid Fleas on Humans

Signs of fleas on humans may be the development of little elevated itchy spots (sometimes slightly bleeding skin if scratched). These could be on all parts on the body, not just within the hair on your head as bites around the legs and ankles are quite common too. How allergic one may be to bites differs depending on the individual buts there’s plenty of treatments so don’t panic.

How to get rid of Fleas on Humans

Fleas on humans treatment - Some of the most important things for you to know about these parasites are that they can carry diseases, they like warm and humid environments (so the home can be an ideal breeding ground), they feed on a hosts’ blood to live and reproduce, their bites can make us itch and feel uncomfortable and they can pass on infections such as typhus and tapeworm. These pests aren’t good, so get them seen to as soon as possible! Visit our flea treatment page for ideas and suggestions.

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