Kill Fleas Yard

To kill fleas in the yard, ensure that you know exactly where they are. This sounds simple, but if you read through the other pages on our website you will realize that these parasites can move around rapidly and through many means to establish themselves in multiple areas of your yard. If you have pets and the pets use the yard, it will be very likely the pet has fleas too, so avoid the pet bringing parasites into your home at all costs.

There are lots of over the counter products you can purchase to help exterminate parasites. Be careful what you choose to use as some of the chemicals used in control products such as foggers and bombs are harmful to pets and if inhaled, also to humans. Whatever you use, ensure that you diligently read the directions that will come with the product. You don't want to ruin any plants on your property.

kill fleas in yard

Ways which could help you kill fleas in the yard can be viewed on our Flea Control page. To give yourself the best chance of getting rid of all parasites, you will need to take the following steps: Locate all the tiny insects (that means adult fleas, any eggs that may have been laid, larvae and any pupae). They thrive in warm and dark areas, so look into all shaded areas (under shrubs, in the lawn, in cracks and crevices, under decking, etc). As a precaution, also check any transport (trucks, cars) that may also be near your home and property.

Kill Fleas Yard

Choose an appropriate exterminator to kill yard fleas and fully read the instructions. Prepare the front and backyard (remove any animals, pets, children) and cover any furniture that may spoil. Use the spray, powder, fogger, traps in a safe manner and leave for the appropriate amount of time before returning. It may also be courteous to alert any nearby neighbors so they can be safely out of the way also. You don't want to destroy anything but your infestation in this process.

It may be necessary for multiple attempts to clear all the parasites that may be lurking, but perseverance is necessary. Obviously, if the whole process becomes exhaustive then call in the experts. There are several exterminators that will be more than happy to come round and assist (but it may come at a much higher price). Good luck!

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