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What is a Flea Killer? - There are a number of commercial and homemade solutions that can be used as a flea killer. They differ in price and toxicity, so you will need to be sure that you conduct a thorough search to find all areas of infestation before planning and executing your strategy.

Some common methods for destroying fleas are through the use of a flea spray, trap, bomb, fogger, powder, shampoo, pet collar and insecticides. If you are not keen on using chemicals you may be interested in a natural flea killer.

Flea Killer for the House - Parasites can be found in the home, on your pets, in the yard and also on humans. If you have a pet flea problem, then its highly likely that the area where the pet sleeps and visits will be also be infested. If you have these tiny pests jumping around on you, perhaps from working outside, from hunting or walking, then it would be a good idea to deal with them before you return to your home with any outdoor garments, bags or luggage (to prevent infesting further areas, people or pets). To kill these parasites, you need to target both the young and the old in the flea population. There are adulticides that you can purchase that kills adult fleas, and insect growth regulator that kills the three immature stages of the life cycle (egg, larva, pupa). Some products claim to do both. The most important part is understanding what the product can do and what it consists of. There are many products that are toxic and harmful to animals and humans, so carefully reading the instructions and ingredients are critical.

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Flea killer steps in the home - Some very simple methods that can help in the home are, to regularly vacuum, to regularly wash all bedding, blankets, furniture covers and anything else that parasites could hide and develop in. Always dispose of any bags immediately afterwards, by sealing them and taking them out of the home. Set up some traps (possibly homemade) to attract adult fleas in for drowning or sticking (gluing) to a plate that they can’t jump away from. An electric flea device will act in a similar fashion. Otherwise, a fogger will act as a good treatment. You will need to clear the home of people, diligently prepare the area and be able to evacuate the premises while the chemicals work.

Home Flea Killer

Yard flea killer - Outdoors you could use insecticides to rid parasites. These can be bought locally or through the internet and applied to all shaded areas of the yard (under shrubs, trees, plants, decking) and any outdoor kennels which remain permanently outside. If you have fleas in your lawn, you can use powders once you have cut the grass short enough to see what kind of problem you have on your hands (always dispose of the cut grass immediately and where some gloves for protection from bites).

Flea Killer for Home

Flea killer for dogs and cats - There are plenty of pet treatments that also help kill fleas. You can seek professional advice from your veterinarian initially to see what is and what isn’t recommended (or safe) and then potentially use a flea shampoo, give them a bath, buy or make a collar, regularly use a comb or apply medicines. When looking for a method to help you fight pet fleas, always use an animal specific product (not a dog product on a cat or vice versa) as there are lots of ingredients out there (both natural and chemical) that can be fatal to certain animals. Do your research first before acting.

Alternatively, if you need an expert who can offer to do all of this for you then there will be many pest control people out there willing to help (and take your money).

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