Natural Tick Control

Controlling ticks before they cause you an infestation is a very wise move. Ticks can carry diseases and infections which could cause you or your pet’s illnesses and potentially be fatal. There are many Natural Tick Control methods which can be applied to your home, yard and pets. If you would therefore rather use natural tick control than purchase chemical alternatives (which could potentially be damaging and harmful) we have some possible methods that could help.

Natural tick control in the home can be as simple as regular cleaning. Vacuuming all carpets and floors, with attention to cracks and crevices should be exercised regularly. Wash all bedding (for the family and house-pets), rugs and covers frequently, and keep pets off furniture where ticks can fall and get into warm and dark spaces to lay eggs. A natural tick control would be to block all holes around the floors, radiators and pipe work, window sills, doorways and ceilings so that ticks cant crawl in, or transported in by unwanted guests, such as mice (or even worse, rats and squirrels). Keep tick repelling plants by open windows and air vents and ensure that your pets and clothes are checked for ticks before re-entering the home after long period’s outdoors (or having visited tick probe areas). Borax and diatomaceous earth (use fine particles and keep area clear while it works) can be used as a natural tick control - spread them in carpets to dry out and kill any insects that may be hiding. Natural homemade sprays made from essential oils and water could be applied to furniture and curtains.

natural tick control tips

Natural Tick Control in the yard is a great idea to keep ticks away from the house, your children and house-pets whilst they play outside. Create a tick-free safe zone, by cutting back all shrubs and trees near to the home, sweep up any leaves or dirt that has assembled and mow your lawns short so that ticks cannot hide. Reduce the number of areas where a tick could lay eggs and grow - such as under plants and flowers and thick trees. A natural tick control could be to place fencing around the parameter of the yard to prevent animals such as deer, foxes, badgers and rodents bringing ticks in. You could plant repelling shrubs, herbs and plants at the boundaries of the yard to repel ticks and also the animals that may bring ticks in (such as geranium, lavender, mint, eucalyptus, rosemary). Keep bird feeders well away from the safe zone (as birds and squirrels may bring ticks in to these areas. Spread cedar wood chips around the flower beds, paths and around the fence as a natural tick control border. You could also spread diatomaceous earth on the lawn and around the base of any shrubs (use carefully and do not inhale). Regularly clean out any kennels, sheds or permanent structures in the garden where a tick could crawl in.

Natural Tick Control

Natural Tick Control for your pets is also a good idea and there are products on the internet which claim to be 100% natural. Collars and sprays may be good repellents depending on your type of house-pet, although it is always worth gaining direction and advice from your veterinarian before use. Garlic, brewers yeast, white vinegar and apple cider are all said to help house-pets emit a natural repelling odor (however not to be used for kittens or some cats - as it could be potentially harmful). Giving your pets a balanced nutritional diet and lots of exercise in tick-free areas will give them the best chance of dealing with any infections or illnesses and act as a great natural tick control. A strong immune system and good health should be maintained. You could make your own tick collars from ingredients you have at home and also natural sprays to apply to your pet’s coat. Be careful with allergies, skin irritation and what does/does not agree with cats, as essential oils are meant to be very bad for them (even though they are natural). Daily grooming, regular baths, combs and checking under their fur are further natural tick control methods. If any are found, they should be removed carefully and killed. Clean their bedding frequently and control them by keeping away from woodland, meadows and countryside where tick populations may be waiting for a host to feed on.

All Natural Tick Control

Natural Tick Control for humans could include wearing the appropriate clothing, such as long pants/trousers, tucking them into long socks and wearing adequate footwear which won’t allow a tick onto the skin around the ankles. Wearing long sleeved tops and tucking them at the waist, wearing hats in woods and even gloves will keep them off your skin. Not all appropriate in boiling temperatures, but light colored clothing will help you detect ticks landing (and these can be thin material in the heat). A natural control for you would be to stick to paths and stay away from long grasses and woods if you can, and if you cant, make up some repellent sprays from essential oils and water. These can be mixed up and applied to your clothes and skin - however be careful for any allergies or skin irritation. If you experience either then don’t use them and see a doctor. Finally, insect nets are good to keep a tick at bay and a simple natural tick control around beds (certainly if you are camping or in a cabin).

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