Flea Powder

What is Flea Powder? - A solid substance that has been reduced to tiny particles, which can then be spread onto a variety of areas. The particles can then fall into difficult to reach zones, such as thick carpets, furniture, floorboards, cracks and crevices, in addition to being applied to house pets such as cats and dogs (and their bedding). Flea powders can even be spread in to your lawn or garden where your pets roam.

How Flea Powder works - There are several different brands on the internet. The products kill and control a number of other pests, making your home a cleaner pest-free environment. Pests such as ants, bedbugs, beetles, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, silverfish and ticks can all be killed through the use of a flea powder. Once the treatment has been sprinkled, the parasite's eggs, larvae and pupae become dehydrated and die.

powder for fleas

Best Flea Powder - When choosing which product to buy, you may wish for one that works quickly. Most say that you will see a noticeable difference within days and then eradication of fleas within two weeks. There are odorless powders too (as you won’t want your home or pet smelling awful for a long period). Not every product contains the same ingredients. You should always fully read the label, ingredients and instructions on any treatment that may contain harmful chemicals and toxins. There are some methods that use natural ingredients and this may reduce any risk to you, your children, your pets or your furniture after usage. This may be a great alternative to chemicals if they work, as there are several reports that document risks with pesticides.

Flea Powder for Carpets

Flea Powder needs to come into contact with the fleas to work. Therefore when applying it, you need to ensure that you are targeting the correct areas. If you are shaking the powder over the carpet or lawn, give yourself the best possible chance by vacuuming/mowing first and then really raking the powder in. The powder may then need to be left for a number of days to dry out any eggs. If the parasites are on your pets, you will want to rub the powder into their coat (against the grain) and cover all affected parts, ensuring it gets down to the skin. A flea bath and comb prior to using powders may also be a good idea. The instructions on the product will provide directions for use - but be aware of any potential dangers in inhaling the treatment (for both you and your pets). Wear protective face guards for safety, such as a mask over the mouth and some glasses, to avoid getting any in your eyes.

Flea Powder for Cats and for Dogs

Most types of flea powder are reasonably priced and come with some kind of guarantee. Due to the number of brands in the market, it is always worth seeking advice from friends, family, forums and even veterinarians to find out which is most recommendable in your area. It is also advisable to use more than one method when controlling and exterminating different parasites. Ensure that you are targeting the adult population as well as their eggs, larvae and pupae. Sprays, foggers and bombs are just a few of the other techniques detailed on our site. Your pets may need a collar, dip, shampoo or medication to assist with ridding the parasites. Also, you can use powders as a preventive measure prior to flea season (and regularly throughout if necessary).

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