Flea Remedies

A remedy is something that will cure a problem through an application of a healing medication or treatment. There are many flea remedies to choose from and below we list some of these remedies out. You can find information of  homemade flea remedies here. These are often a cheaper alternative than commercial products, but the most important thing is whichever of the treatments you use, they must work and they must be safe. There are several ‘natural ingredients’ in products that could be harmful to certain pets and also for humans in some cases. Ensure you always fully read the label, so you understand the effect any chemicals may have on you and your environment.

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Flea remedies can be used for the home, the yard, humans and our pets. There are a handful of well known brands in the market which can assist you with your flea problem. It is often worth researching which one will be most appropriate to use, by asking friends, family and forums or in the case of pets, your local veterinarian. When using remedies for fleas, remember treatment works hand in hand with extermination, prevention and control. Therefore, plan your flea treatment carefully; as if you have more than one person, pet or place to treat they will need to be done in synch. Start by searching all the areas where the fleas may be. Once you have established all affected areas, you can look to alleviate your problem through an application.

remedies for fleas

Flea Remedies

Flea remedies for the home and yard should include regular sanitization and maintenance. Vacuuming carpets, cleaning under the furniture, cleaning and treating floorboards and curtains should be undertaken as much as possible. Wash all bedding, sofa covers and blankets. Fill cracks and holes where fleas could enter the home. You could spread borax on the carpets and even use foggers and bombs in the home to kill fleas - be aware of the risks involved. Likewise in the yard, sweep up all leaves, cut the lawn and use insecticides in and around areas of the yard where fleas could be (as well as on your tools and equipment). Remember that fleas like dark, shaded and moist areas, so treat the areas under trees and shrubs, under decking and around any kennels or other permanent outdoor structures (garage, sheds, etc). Flea traps can be systematically placed around the home and yard to coax fleas in (note this will only attract the adult fleas). Sprays can be bought to help target those areas that are hard to reach both indoors and outside. All remedies should involve you killing adult fleas (with an adulticide) and the flea eggs, larvae and pupae (with an insect growth regulator). Whichever of these you choose to use, remember that prevention and control are the next steps. Plant flea repelling plants around the yard (lavender, mint, eucalyptus and rosemary are all meant to be good, plus they offer visual qualities.. and they can be used for cooking and flea sprays for you and your pets). Board or fence-up the perimeters so that fleas cannot be brought in the yard by unwanted pests (such as rodents, squirrels or wild rabbits). Treat the area prior to the flea season and lessen the chances of them infesting the property.

Flea Remedies

Flea preventive remedies for humans could include flea repellent sprays (such as Deet) and wearing the appropriate clothing if visiting areas where fleas may be (whilst dog walking, rambling or hunting). If you need remedies for flea bites, then the first piece of advice is would be to not scratch the bites. The bites can become infected and will take a lot longer to go away if they are scratched. Clean the bites as soon as they appear with an antiseptic soap and cold water. If you have raised lumps due to the bites then place some ice on them to reduce the swelling. If they get worse then you may be allergic to fleas so you should consult a doctor as soon as possible for remedies. You can purchase anti-itch creams over the counter and also apply calamine lotion to ease any soreness. If you have bites under your hair, use a softer shampoo such as tea tree shampoo, which contains healing properties. Natural remedies such as homemade sprays can be concocted using essential oils such as lavender eucalyptus and lemon (amongst many more). Be sure to not spray it in your eyes and if you have an allergic reaction consult a doctor. Remedies for avoiding bites at night whilst sleeping could be through the use of netting/mesh around your bed and by using flea traps. Fleas are drawn in by warmth and light - so place some bowls of soapy water around where you sleep and drown the fleas (make sure the water is very soapy so the fleas can’t float to the top and walk out of the water).

Remedies for dog fleas and cat fleas could include a flea comb, bath, shampoo, collar, wipe, spray, dip, repellent or medication (flea tablets) as well as natural ingredients added to their daily meal (to emit naturally repellent odor). Before applying any flea remedies to your pets, you may wish to consult your veterinarian, however whichever route you choose be sure to fully read any labels on the products and understand the contents before usage. There are remedies that could be harmful to pets and humans, so the instructions need to be followed diligently to be safe. Never use remedies for cats on dogs, or remedies for dogs on cats. They are different for a reason and often come in different size dosages to suit your particular pet. Size, age and type of pet need to be taken into consideration when using remedies, but this is often noted on the product. One of the most straight forward remedies is a healthy nutritional diet. If you pet has a strong immune system, they will be better equipped to deal with flea issues. In addition to a healthy diet, some pets can have garlic added to their meals, some have brewers yeast and some pet owners add apple cider or white vinegar to their pets water. The other straight forward remedy would be to take your pet to the veterinarian and ask them to assist. This isn’t always financially possible, but if you can it would probably save you a lot of time and worry. Go to our homemade flea remedy page for other ideas.

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