Flea Season

When is Flea Season? - When flea season is, simply depends on where you live. If you search through the internet you have some claiming that it spans March through to December, others April to November and in the Southern states they know it’s all year round! The worst months for fleas are also inconsistent with some stating that May, June and July are the height of the season, whereas others believe September, October and November are the peaks.

What months are Flea Season? - As the climate plays such a huge part in whether fleas thrive, the warmer areas (like Florida) have a more consistent season for potentially12 months of the year.

when is flea season

Flea Season - 24/7/365 - What with those all year round warm climates and the central heating that the rest of us use in the winter months, Flea Season seems to be 12 months a year anyhow. In 2010, many areas around the globe have recorded the highest levels of fleas for almost a decade and due to the hardy parasites being so difficult to control it is likely that things will be even worse in years to come (great news for those pharmaceutical companies that supply the control products!).

When is Flea Season?

To be certain what months/part of the season will affect you the worst, just ask your local veterinarian. They will surely have a better idea than most, as that will be when they’re rushed off their feet for advice on fleas. Prior to the hottest months of your year, prevention is highly recommended. Spray the lawns, protect the pets and maintain a clean and regularly vacuumed home.

Prevention and regular flea control are greatly advisable, after all, you’d much rather be prepared than have to deal with an infestation of parasites which could not only harm you and your pets, but also cost a lot of money and time exterminating your home or yard. Do nothing about it and you’ll be enjoying Flea Season a lot longer than everyone else!

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