Tick Season

When is Tick Season? - It differs depending on where you are based in the world. The climate has a large part to do with it, as well as the environment and habitat. The summer months are generally when ticks are at their peak, however for those climates that enjoy warm weather 12 months a year, tick season is all year through.

Tick Season in North America, UK and Australia - Parts of Canada will experience tick season between the months of May until October, parts of the US March to September, the UK similar to Canada and in Australia it’s usually spring through to autumn in the South and all year round in the North. These may vary depending on the weather and area. In the US, ticks are said to peak during spring and autumn.

when is tick season

When tick season does arrive, it can be a hazardous time for many. Those who own farms and cattle need to prepare and treat their farms in advance (with insecticides). Livestock will want to be kept away from ticks, so grasses cut and kept short and the animals regularly checked. Adult livestock will have a better chance of immunity to these parasites, but any calves or ponies could be at risk of tick paralysis, anemia and many other infections or diseases. House pets should be treated to repel ticks (see your veterinarian for the best products) and homes and yards should also be prepared. If the weather is really wet (creating moist conditions) prior to tick season then it can encourage the parasites out in massive numbers so you may experience larger numbers than usual.

When is Tick Season

As ticks are said to be second to only mosquitoes in transmitting diseases to humans and animals, preparation and continued control is critical throughout the hotter months. Keep yards and homes regularly cleaned (mowed and vacuumed). Use repellents on your children and pets, on your clothes if you are spending time outdoors and also on any outdoor furniture where the parasites may hide in wait. Prevent them from being transported onto your property by other wild animals and pests by fencing the parameter of your property, filling holes and gaps, cutting back shrubs, trees and thick scrub.

When is the Tick Season

It is difficult to completely eliminate all chances of ticks affecting you and your loved ones before tick season, but anything you can do in preparation may save you a lot of pain and time. For ideas on how to repel parasites, dealing with bites, removing them from the skin, diseases they may carry and symptoms caused by infections visit our other pages by navigating through the tick control index page.

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