Tick Bite Symptoms

Tick bite symptoms - Some people will not suffer any signs of a tick bite, as they can be painless (unlike a flea bite). This is a worry, as it is always good to know if you have been bitten by this type of parasite to help any diagnosis needed should you start feeling ill. However, many bites are not infectious so it depends on how good your fortune is. As ticks are able to carry and transmit diseases, some people may not be able to avoid becoming unwell. One thing to be aware of is the signs may not show up and be clear until weeks after being bitten.

Tick bite disease symptoms - Whilst not all of these signs will show up as a result of a bite, it is important to know that they are possible and each person and pet can react differently. If the ticks are carrying diseases such as Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, Tick Typhus or Tick borne relapsing fever (to name a handful), you need to consult a doctor or veterinarian immediately at the first sign of symptoms. More common signs of these diseases in the initial stages are rashes, headaches, fevers, fatigue and joint pain.

symptoms tick bite

Symptoms of tick bites - A red lump, rashes (in various shapes - visit our tick diseases page for more information), headaches, muscle pain, swelling, burning at the site of the bite, fatigue, fevers, itchiness, nausea, palpitations, numbness, blistering, intolerance to light, chills, weakness, numbness, shortness of breath, hearing loss, facial paralysis, meningitis, arthritis, allergic reaction, anaphylactic shock, paralysis problems with speech, problems with the heat, problems with the nervous system.

Dog tick bite symptoms - Loss of appetite, pains around the joints, depression, swelling, fever, fatigue, paralysis.

Tick bite symptoms in cats - Difficulty breathing, trouble meowing, loss of appetite, uneasy swallowing, nausea, coughing, panting, eyes may dilate, pains and weakness in the joints, incontinence, paralysis.

Symptoms of Tick Bite

As a bite can be tricky to detect, it is important to do everything you can to prevent them. Apply repellents to your skin, clothes and your pets. If you have the option of staying away from areas prevalent with ticks, then do so - certainly in tick season. Always wear protective clothing if you are out walking, hunting or spending long periods in the countryside and near to woods or grassy meadows and heaths.

Symptoms of a Tick Bite

If you notice a tick on you, a family member or you pet then look to remove it immediately. If bitten, the area should be cleaned and the parasite killed. Retain it if you can, in a sealed container. Monitor signs of illness and if any show up or if they are acting strangely, consult a doctor or a veterinarian for urgent examination. Explain the symptoms and say you think it the result of a bite. It is a safer option to act and not put it off, as the results could be far more detrimental if not diagnosed and treated within a certain time. Mention all symptoms even if they do not initially seem related!

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