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What is a Flea Bomb? - A flea bomb is a device that sprays a thick mist of insecticide within a certain area, destroying any fleas and a range of other insects. If you are looking to exterminate a large area within the home, more than one application may need to be used. The flea bomb (also known as a flea fogger) ranges in size, therefore you will need to research the product you are buying. Generally they cover quite a large area, but be sure that you have enough to meet your needs.

Buy the Best Flea Bomb - Purchase a product that you know is going to be effective. There are several well known brands, which you will find more popular than others. It may be a good idea to ask friends or relatives to see if they’ve ever used a bomb to see how well it worked. There’s no point trying to cut costs on a brand which is likely to be less effective - but as they are forever being improved and altered, its best to find up to date reviews. Online auction sites usually provide unbiased reviews from their customers, so make sure you check for reviews before parting with any money.

flea bomb fleas

Are Flea Bombs safe? - Be 100% certain that the treatment is safe to use in your home or apartment - some contain chemicals that can be fatal to cats, so exercise caution before action. Most bombs consist of chemicals that are harmful to fish, so if you have a fish tank ensure it is completely covered up before you start the process, or better still, remove it from the room whilst the insecticide is spread.

Bomb for Fleas

Home Flea Bomb - If and when you decide to use a flea bomb to assist you with a parasite infestation, you will need to carefully prepare the area and ensure that all pets and family members are out of the house before the insecticide can be sprayed. Below are some actions that you may wish to consider (depending on the severity of your situation and where they are in the home), however these should not replace any directions that come with the product, they are simply common steps taken (always fully read the instructions).

How to Flea Bomb a House - Open furniture (cupboards, drawers, etc) and internal doors in the areas that are to be treated. Remove all foods, utensils, cutlery, dishes, food processing equipment, and cover surfaces. Protect your delicate furniture and electrical equipment with a sheet. Treat or cover any waxed floors or furniture. Protect and turn off any fish tanks (or temporarily move them to another room) Remove all house pets and family members. *The chemicals in the bombs can be toxic and fumes should not be breathed in* Close outside doors and windows as to not allow the insecticide to escape. Turn off fans, the air conditioning and all lights. Switch off all flames and pilot lights. Place the product in the appropriate area and set it off, following the product instructions. Evacuate the home immediately. Keep the treated area closed for the specified amount of hours. Before letting any pets or family back to the treated area, open all doors and windows and allow airing to take place for the specified amount of time. Return to your house and remove any remains of the bomb. Thoroughly wash all sheets and covers used for protecting the furniture and surfaces. Vacuum the whole house, mop the floors. Throw away the vacuum bag and clean out the mop and bucket in the open air.

What is a Flea Bomb?

Bomb for Fleas - This type of treatment should be used as part of an effective flea control program. As some of the chemicals only target adult fleas, you may also need to kill the flea eggs, larvae and pupae with an insect growth regulator (however most top brands include I.G.R.s). In addition to this, you should maintain a sanitized and thoroughly vacuumed home. Regularly wash all bedding, furniture covers and curtains and anywhere the pets may sleep. Look into ways of repelling the fleas on the pet, so that they aren’t brought back into the home. Perhaps set up the occasional flea trap in the home as this will give you an early indication of how many parasites you may have (should the problem return).

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