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What is the Best Flea Fogger? - If you have an extreme infestation of fleas in your home and you don’t think that traps will work, then you could consider using a fogger. Flea foggers are cans of aerosol insecticides which can contain lethal chemicals for use in big open spaces. They must be used with care and attention. The best flea fogger will depend on your specific situation, and as they are forever being improved and updated, its best to take a look at current reviews.

Home Flea Fogger - There are several types of flea fogger and they aren’t expensive to buy. There are products for outdoors use and also those which can be used in the home. The house brands can contain Permethrin (which is reported to be lethal to cats, so make sure they are evacuated and not able to return), s-Methoprene and Nylar which will kill various parasites and a host of other insects. If you use a flea fogger with an insect growth regulator (I.G.R) as well as an adulticide, it will also prevent eggs developing into adults. Before using a flea fogger you should always fully read the instructions and ensure you comply with the directions. If you are concerned, then further research could be done on the internet prior to taking any action.

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As mentioned all over this website, if you have pets that have fleas you should treat them separately to ensure the tiny pests aren’t brought back into the home after the flogger has been used. You could use sprays, powders, shampoos, wipes, collars and also prevention pills (consult your Veterinarian for the best products).

Fogger for Fleas

Flea Fogger Help - Preparation is key when planning on using a flea fogger. You will need to evacuate the home while the treatment is being used and then be prepared to thoroughly clean the home on your return. The product will include directions of use, but for informational purposes some general guidelines of how to use this type of device are listed below:

Please note that these are only general guidelines taken from a range of sources. Following the instructions provided with the product would be the wisest thing to do.

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